Wednesday Wants: Pac-Man Stress Toys

So, feeling stressed? These toys from ThinkGeek look pretty fun to me. In addition to squeezing them for stress release, there is also the smile they’ll put on your face when you see them. ThinkGeek :: Pac-Man Stress Toys. Smiling is also de-stressing, right?

Want: Cactus Flower

After watching Ingrid Bergman dance in this clip – I went ahead and bought Cactus Flower at Amazon. It’s very much how I used to feel like I looked while I was dancing, back in middle school.

Want: The spring

I’m hit with a case of the January blues… It’s too dark, and Christmas is over. Right now I could do with a splash of colour and some spring weather.

Wednesday Want: The House from Home Alone

Home Alone has become a Christmas classic in my family. The house is one of those things that seemed really magical. Not just for its interior decorations (although in the newer pictures, it doesn’t look as all as magical) but for the outside as well. The one thing I recently noticed that doesn’t really make… Continue reading Wednesday Want: The House from Home Alone

Want: Bag

My bag is due for replacement, and Sandra Bullock’s from Two Week’s Notice looks pretty nifty.