National Day of Mourning

21. August will be a National memorial in Norway. There will be an arrangement later today. The song below is another of those songs that have really been the “soundtrack” so to speak, for getting through this tragedy. It was written as an ironic approach to the European Union referendum in Norway in the 90s,… Continue reading National Day of Mourning

Til Ungdommen

This is probably the song that has been used the most in memorials across the country. It is written by Nordahl Grieg in 1936.

Update from Oslo

Cripes. A press conference states that 7 are dead in Oslo – but that the buildings haven’t been searched extensively, so those numbers may rise. Currently 84 are dead at the Youth Camp at Utøya, but they’re searching the lake around the island with divers, etc. so those numbers may rise. In a country with… Continue reading Update from Oslo

Oslo today

Just to let everyone know, I am fine – and am not in the Oslo area at all. No one in my circle of friends/family appear to be in the area and be injured. (The brother of someone I know, who is rather high up in the Labour Youth Party and who would normally be… Continue reading Oslo today