Ponderings on the Norwegian Municipal elections 2012

Today it is election day in Norway. We have elections every second year, alternating between parliamentary and municipality/county elections. This  time it is municipalities and counties that are up for grabs. As I mentioned in August, I have already voted electronically. I haven’t really changed my mind. The only thing that has vaguely tipped me… Continue reading Ponderings on the Norwegian Municipal elections 2012

National Day of Mourning

21. August will be a National memorial in Norway. There will be an arrangement later today. The song below is another of those songs that have really been the “soundtrack” so to speak, for getting through this tragedy. It was written as an ironic approach to the European Union referendum in Norway in the 90s,… Continue reading National Day of Mourning

Norwegian elections

Even though the Norwegian election campaigning has been postponed by the Utøya shootings, I have still managed to vote as the election itself is going normally. Election day is September 12, but they open up for distance voting a fair bit before that. And this year, they’re also experimenting. 10 municipalities in Norway are offering… Continue reading Norwegian elections