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Just to let everyone know, I am fine – and am not in the Oslo area at all. No one in my circle of friends/family appear to be in the area and be injured. (The brother of someone I know, who is rather high up in the Labour Youth Party and who would normally be at the camp at Utøya where people were shot at, was actually in London on summer holidays instead.)

I find the news of the bombing and subsequent shooting in Oslo scary and sad, and while I don’t often agree with the PM and the reigning parties, I do find his words in this case, worthy, poignant, and just right.

“This evening, and tonight, we will take care of each other. Give each other comfort and talk together. Tomorrow, we shall show the world that the Norwegian democracy will become stronger. We will find the guilty. But the most important tonight is to save lives and show care.”

They have caught a guy – a 32 year old, ethnical Norwegian, and speculations are currently going as to whether he’s a crazy army vet, recruit of a fundamentalist organization, etc. And whether or not he is working alone.

Currently, there are 7 dead from the bombing in Oslo, and 10 severely injured. The numbers from the shooting at the Youth Camp was 10 dead, but there has been an acknowledgement that these numbers will rise as they comb through the area more finely.

There was a Twitter/Facebook campaign going on to get people to donate blood. Two hours afterwards, the news had to go out and ask people to stop coming in to donate as the hospitals couldn’t handle all the donations. Things like that give me hope for society, when it seems like things are going very wrong, like today.

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