The Hardanger bunad and the Norwegian royals

The Hardanger bunad is probably the national costume that has the longest association with the Norwegian royal family. Princess Maud of Wales received a costume as a present from the city of Bergen in 1893, when she visited the area. The photograph was later turned into postcards. (An article in Bergens Tidende from 1906 says that… Continue reading The Hardanger bunad and the Norwegian royals

Mette-Marit’s Jelsa bunad

Jelsa is a small town in South West Norway. It’s a minimum 3 hour drive (depending on ferries) from Norway’s 4th largest city. View Larger Map Jelsa is interesting in this context only because Crown Princess Mette-Marit has a national costume from there. Last week, I talked about how the wearer of the bunads tend… Continue reading Mette-Marit’s Jelsa bunad

The Telemark bunad

In theory, to wear a  Norwegian national costume, (a bunad), you should have some relationship with the place the bunad comes from. Either with an ancestor from the area or living in the area yourself.  Or sometimes, gifting to a royal, it is good  PR when the royal is photographed in it. “The red jacket… Continue reading The Telemark bunad

Norwegian royal family and their national costumes (#20)

2014 is the bicentenary  of the Norwegian constitution. For a short period of time, in 1814, the Norwegian people chose to liberate themselves from foreign powers, elected a king, wrote a constitution, and then promptly were put in an union with Sweden. Until 1905. When we did it all again. Over the coming year, since… Continue reading Norwegian royal family and their national costumes (#20)