The Norwegian royals and the Asker bunad

The Crown Prince and his family reside at Skaugum, which is a farm in Asker municipality, just south-west of Oslo. This have been a tradition since the 20s.

The Asker bunad is based on a patterned cloth that was woven at the vicarage in Asker in 1807. The bunad feature the replicated cloth either in the skirt on the females or on a waistcoat in the male version. The vest for the females can be either green or red.

Unlike a lot of fancier bunads, which may be very embroidered or feature a lot of silver jewelry, this bunad is simple and plain. Though very beautiful in its simplicity.

Queen Sonja (then Crown Princess) and Princess Märtha Louise in the bunad in 1980 – greeting the children’s parade. And in 1981.

Princess Märtha Louise wearing an adult version.

In 2008, almost the whole Crown Princely family, save Marius, wore the Asker bunad while greeting the children’s parade.

It is definitely a bunad which shows where the family live and it is connected to them, but it is rarely, if ever, worn outside the municipality.

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