Books I read in April

April was Easter break, and a lot of books read. Some newly published books, and some books that have been backlisted.

I’ve ordered myself a trip to Paris this summer, and Eloisa James’ Paris in Love
was quite instrumental in making me look forward to that with its little tidbits about living in Paris. It’s more a collection of quirky Facebook posts than a book with lengthy essays, but it was just right for now.

Beard, Amanda – In the water they can’t see you cry
Brooke, Leah – Panthers’ Prey
Boyle, Elizabeth – Brazen angel
Boyle, Elizabeth – Brazen heiress
Boyle, Elizabeth – Brazen temptress
Conder, Michelle – Girl behind the scandalous reputation
Dratch, Rachel – Girl walks into a bar
Enoch, Suzanne – Angel’s devil
Enoch, Suzanne – The black duke’s prize
Green, Abby – The legend of deMarco
Hardy, Kate – The ex who hired her
James, Eloisa – Paris in love : A memoir
Lawrence, Kim – Gianni’s pride
Marton, Sandra – Sheikh without a heart
Neville, Miranda – Confessions from an arranged marriage
Noble, Kate – If I fall
Noble, Kate – The dress of the season
Oaks, Sophie – Pure Bliss
Putney, Mary Jo – Angel Rogue
Putney, Mary Jo – Petals in the storm
Putney, Mary Jo – River of fire
Putney, Mary Jo – Dancing on the wind
Putney, Mary Jo – Thunder and roses
Putney, Mary Jo – Shattered Rainbows
Putney, Mary Jo – No longer a gentleman
Putney, Mary Jo – The bargain
Roberts, Nora – Divine Evil
Roberts, Nora – Carnal innocence
Roberts, Nora – Brazen Virtue
Rose, Emilie – Monte Carlo affairs
Simmons, Gail – Talking with my mouth full
Stephens, Susan – The Argentinian’s solace
Van, Becca – Slick Rock Cowboys
Walker, Kate – The devil and miss Jones
West, Annie – Undone by his touch
Yates, Maisy – Girl on a diamond pedestal

April: 36
2012 so far: 139

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