Books I read in January

For 2012, I’m going to try to track the books I read each month, so I have a way to know how much I read. I tend to read a lot of books, so I won’t go into detail on them.

January has been a month of comfort reading. When it is so dark outside so much – though it is starting to be lighter longer in the afternoons – I really want to curl up with the Happily Ever After stories. So, it’s chiefly been Mills & Boon for the quick reads.

January is also the month of New Years resolutions, or the OMG, I ate too much over the holidays-month. Hence, one of the books…

Books I read in January:

Anderson, Caroline – Miracles in the village

Arend, Vivian – Rocky Mountain Haven

Bourne, Joanna – The black hawk

Brooks, Helen – A heartless marriage

Gracie, Anne – Bride by mistake

Graham, Lynne – The banker’s convenient wife

Graham, Lynne – Crime of passion

Graham, Lynne – The Frenchman’s love-child

Graham, Lynne – Prisoner of passion

Graham, Lynne – Mistress and mother

Graham, Lynne – The reluctant husband

Graham, Lynne – Jewel in his crown

Green, Abby – The sultan’s choice

Hewitt, Kate – The Italian’s bought bride

James, Eloisa – This duke is mine

Kendrick, Sharon – The Sheik’s undoing

Kendrick, Sharon – Constantine’s defiant mistress

Lawrence, Kim – The price of scandal

Lee, Miranda – The man every woman wants

Marinelli, Carol – A shameful consequence

Milburne, Melanie – Androletti’s mistress

Monroe, Lucy – The Sicilian’s marriage arrangement

Philips, Sabrina – Valenti’s one month mistress

Queen of Twitter – Gin O’Clock

Reid, Michelle – Gold ring of betrayal

Reid, Michelle – The marriage surrender

Reid, Michelle – A passionate marriage

Roberts, Alison – The Italian doctor’s perfect family

Shaw, Chantelle – Dangerous infatuation.

Winters, Rebecca – The Italian playboy’s secret son

Winters, Rebecca – To Win his heart

Winters, Rebecca – To catch a groom

Winters, Rebecca – To marry for duty

Winters, Rebecca – The Italian tycoon and the nanny

Wolf, Robb – The Paleo solution

Yates, Maisey – Hajar’s hidden legacy


Sum= 36 books. (And I’m sure I’ve forgot some anyway.)


By Anne

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