Expensive to live in Norway

StavangerAgain and again it seems like Norwegian cities are amongst the most expensive places to live in the world – based on cost of living, excluding rent.

Latest comes this from Numbeo, where four of the ten cities on the top-ten list are Norwegian.

1. Trondheim

2. Stavanger

4. Oslo

9. Bergen.

Numbeo takes its numbers from people who report them, so I suppose it also varies where people shop when it comes to groceries, but still…

Recent example of cost-reporting on their homepage. A small cappuccino costs €1.50 in Verona, Italy. It costs 49.50 NOK in Stavanger. Converted to a mutual denominator, such as dollars, a cappuccino costs just under $2 (or $1.9 to be precise) in Verona, whereas in Stavanger it costs a bit over $8 (or $8.2 to be precise).

However, to weigh up for the high cost of living, the salaries are also fairly compatible. Mostly. Which again drives up the cost… and the cycle continues.

By Anne

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