Nobel prize week

I’m oddly emotional about the fact that two Norwegians have a share each in the prize for medicine. Never heard of them, but I had to choke back a tear nevertheless. Norwegians winning stuff will do that to me. Apparently in most areas where something can be won.

Norwegian independence day

Given the Norwegian media coverage of the Swedish wedding this weekend, it seems appropriate that today is the anniversary of the Norwegian independence from Sweden. If we had celebrated this as a national day instead of May 17, there would have been a trifecta of Scandinavian national days in a row. Denmark on June 5,… Continue reading Norwegian independence day

Quotation Monday #7: National anthem

Since it is the Norwegian constitution day today. Norway, thine is our devotion, Land of hearth and home, Rising storm-scarr’d from the ocean, Where the breakers foam. Oft to thee our thoughts are wending, Land that gave us birth, And to saga nights still sending Dreams upon our earth, And to saga nights still sending… Continue reading Quotation Monday #7: National anthem