New car

Since I moved home to Norway from Denmark, I’ve wanted to have a car. In Denmark – at least in inner city Copenhagen – a bike is usually more than enough transportation, when supplemented with a decent offering of buses, metro and local trains getting you pretty much where you need to be.

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Biggest loser

The danger of watching The Biggest Loser, in all its different forms, is that you keep expecting to drop the same insane amount of weight in a week– and unless you have the time to exercise several hours a day… it’s plain just not going to happen. Baby steps. But it is great for motivational… Continue reading Biggest loser


It’s so nice to be able to bike to work in the mornings. The sun is up earlier, and it’s getting warmer. Although that last part is relative; it is still Norway. This week is winter break in the schools, which means I don’t have to worry about crashing into kids on my way to… Continue reading March


I have been trying to teach myself to jog for a while now. I frequently see people jogging outside in all kinds of weather – and while I do think they’re slightly crazy for running outside in the winter, I also admire them for working out, and being so into it that they would subject… Continue reading Running

Involuntary break

My computer died over Christmas, so regular posting will have to wait until the new one gets here. Hope you all had a great holiday, and a happy new year to you all.

Trying new things

Weather is crap today. Rain, rain, rain, rain… and you get the gist. I had originally planned on heading for the gym this afternoon – I’ve picked up Jillian Michaels’s Winning by Losing, and I’ve started the training programme in the book. I’ve been to the gym twice this week. After a week, (I started… Continue reading Trying new things

Summer weather

Sorry, Norway, but 60 degrees fahrenheit does not feel like summer weather. I know a lot of people elsewhere are struggling with the heat, but here it is cold, grey and wet most of the time. On the positive side, it usually doesn’t get that much colder for winter, here.

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