I have been trying to teach myself to jog for a while now. I frequently see people jogging outside in all kinds of weather – and while I do think they’re slightly crazy for running outside in the winter, I also admire them for working out, and being so into it that they would subject their bits and pieces to the freezing cold that is Norway in the winter season just to be able to run.

A former acquaintance of mine in Copenhagen was so into running that she forgot the time and place whilst running from the north of Amager and southwards. Before she knew it, she was at the airport, and had to run home again.  The run was supposed to be a very short run, but ended up at about 13 kilometers.

My own efforts at it started taking place inside the gym. I tried following C25K. The first three weeks went great, and then I fell off the band-wagon in week four.

Then I tried running outside this summer. Ambitious, as I tend to be when starting new projects, I mapped out a four kilometer route. My shins did not approve of the hard sidewalks, and let me know. I quickly fell off the band-wagon (see the common denominator here?).

A couple of weeks ago, I decided just for kicks to try it again. I didn’t want to to a formal plan but just to do a spot of running on the one day a week I am at the gym. On my first try, I jogged and walked in 5 minute intervals, for a total of 30 minutes.

Yesterday, I had worked my way up to 45 minutes in total, where 20 minutes was jogging time. It ended up being around 5 kilometer in total – but since it was inside and on a threadmill, the legs did not object.

Hopefully, I’m going to be able to keep at it, and improve my time at the 5K first, and then see if I can go a longer distance later.

By Anne

Anne is a librarian by day. By night, she reads. She knits. She watches movies and television shows. She enjoys board games. And posting on royal related forums.

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