Wednesday morning mean Yoga time

Yoga stretch - by stevendepolo/Flickr

My work place has a lot of sports groups that we can join, if we want to do so. Most of them compete against other work places, so it kind of sounds like you have to be at a very advanced level in order to join the more specific groups. But there are a lot of them that are a bit more casual.

I joined the Yoga group this year. I could do with some more flexibility in my body, and having a scheduled work-out or two during the week, I figure, is only going to make me try harder to get to the classes themselves.

The unfortunate thing is that the Yoga classes are before work, in the morning. This means that they start at 7.30 AM. As I don’t have a car, I rely on my bike to get me to work, or I walk. In the winter-time, if it is slippery outside, the walk takes about 30 minutes. This explains why I’ve only been to Yoga once this year, despite having been a member of the group since January.

In the freezing cold, it is more tempting to stay an extra hour and half under the warm duvet than hurry to Yoga class.

I’m starting a new regime, though, which means that I should be at Yoga class this morning.

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