One thing that seems to mark the difference in altitude between countries is the bedding. Warmer countries seem to go for blankets whereas Switzerland and Austria went for duvets.


Andorra was really nothing more than mountains, banks and petrol stations. We tried being tourists, but apart from official buildings and a playground (with age limits so we couldn’t play) there wasn’t that much to see on a Saturday afternoon. Getting out of the country proved to be difficult. Not because of the customs people,… Continue reading Andorra

Loathe radio

I’ve spent some time focusing on making a road trip playlist. The reason for this is that I listen to music, but I really don’t like listening to the radio. I get the feeling that even the radio channels that advertise that they have just music, have just as much time with jingles saying they’ve… Continue reading Loathe radio

Packing panic

It’s rather strange. I’ve spent so much time planning this trip – it’s been in the works for 2 ½ years now – that it was only last week that I realised it was time to start packing.