I cut my hair

Last week, I had my hair cut. It went from being a far bit down my back to just barely touching my shoulders. Also, it is now layered.

It’s a lot more messy than it was, but at the same time, I think the shorter hair makes me look more adult. At almost 27, I guess it is about time. Now, I only have to start acting adult as well…

I’m very pleased with the change. I wanted a total change – I’m going to southern Europe in two weeks, and I could just imagine how hot long hair would be. Even in a pony-tail, long hair feels warm in summer.

So, I let my hairdresser have free reins. Hairdressers always seem to love my hair, natural curls are something they all want to enhance, it seems.

Swedish male hairdresser: “And I’m just going to cut it into locks, because I love hair that curls into locks.”
Me: “I’m not about to disagree with you, you’re holding a pair of scissors very close to my throat.”

Okay, so maybe I just thought that last part.

The best thing about my new hairstyle is the amount of time it takes to wash and condition it. My shower time is cut down drastically, and I predict my shampo usage also will go down. Win!

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