Norwegian Royal Family’s annual Christmas pictures

The annual Christmas photo shoot pictures of the Norwegian royal family were released today: Dagbladet / VG /  NRK The Queen and the Crown Princess wore their national costumes for the photo shoot. The King and Queen will celebrate Christmas with Princess Märtha Louise and her family. They will spend it at Kongssetern in Oslo. The Crown… Continue reading Norwegian Royal Family’s annual Christmas pictures


It’s December 13, or Saint Lucia’s day today. What better day to make Lucia buns? The recipe has been translated and adapted from this one.   Ingredients 50 g yeast 500 ml milk 150 g butter 250 g quark cheese 2 dl sugar 0.5 g saffron 0.5 tsp turmeric 1.6 liter all purpose flour, plus… Continue reading Lussekatter