Honey and almond ice cream

The whole point of making ice cream at home, to me, is to make flavours that you won’t necessarily find easily in stores. This honey and almond ice cream is one of those.

DSC_0106I think that the flavour of this really depend on which type of honey you use. My selection was a mild honey with lemon, and the taste of the end result reflected that.

I used this recipe from Klikk.no, as a base and it was super easy. No ice cream machine involved.


100 g almonds, scalded and roughly chopped
3 eggs
100 g honey, in a liquid form.
4 dl heavy cream
4 tbsp Amaretto

How to.

1. Roast the chopped almonds in a dry pan. Add a bit of honey for additional stickiness and flavour. Set the almonds aside to cool.
2. Whisk eggs and honey together until frothy in one bowl.
3. In another bowl: Whisk the heavy cream until stiff.
4. Add the cream to the egg/honey mixture.
5. Add the Amaretto. (I added 4 tbsp, but if you want a stronger almond flavour – add more, obviously)
6. Add about half of the roasted almonds, reserving the rest for topping afterwards.
7. Put the mixture into a freezable container, and freeze.
8. About every 30 minutes-1 hour, take a spoon and stir the mixture to evenly distribute the almonds and make it freeze evenly.

By Anne

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