Norwegian royals with own YouTube channel

On Tuesday, the Norwegian royal house established their own YouTube channel, following in the footsteps of the British monarchy. The URL

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess have had a presence on social web sites, such as Twitter and Facebook a while.  And even though joining YouTube is a rather new step for the family, they have long been involved in sharing videos of themselves on the royal home page, for example of Ingrid Alexandra’s birthdays.  The couple also recently shared a video of the family on their Facebook page, promoting the involvement of young people in making decisions for the future.

Crown Prince Haakon is also sharing his impressions from the first days in Davos on YouTube.

And the Assisting Communications manager promises that there will not only come videos from the current history: “We will be adding more clips, among other things snippets from the history of the Royal House.”

Carl-Erik Grimstad, the royal expert that the Norwegian media like to run to for bitter quotes, comments to NRK that “this type of exploitation of social media has become a way of elongating this tradition [the royal court not answering questions]. This is good old-fashioned information, which some would call propaganda.”

Or is it merely elongating the tradition the Norwegian court has established through their website and media presence already, by stepping outside their own website and closing up on the people?

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