The Norwegian Royal Homepage, now also for children

The Norwegian royal court has introduced a version of their website for children around the age of 10-11. The idea behind the website is to inform the children about the function of the monarchy, especially adapted to their age group. The court also recently opened a version of the webpage in Sámi.

The pages have the same look as the grown-up version, but are more simple language-wise, and offer more explanations as to what the different things talked about are, such as state visits.  The children are followed around the site by Ronja, one of the King’s dogs, a so-called Internet Hound.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra joined the King in a video for the opening of the new area of the homepage. The duo welcomed to the new page, and stated that they hoped the viewer would like them.  The film archive on the site also contains a number of other videos where the royal family explains the function of some of the rooms of the Palace.

The children version of the royal site is unfortunately only in Norwegian, so far.

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