Cakes: Redcurrant or blackcurrant cake

Before the Christmas baking set seriously in, my mother had to have a birthday cake. Mum does not particularly care for cream cakes, so this was an easy choice to bake. It first came into the family when Sister started Home Economics in sixth grade and it has been with the family since then. Especially since we usually end up with more redcurrants than we can reasonably eat. (Personally, I’m not a big redcurrant fan, but I like them in this cake.)

It is a quick and easy cake to make, and if you don’t have blackcurrants or redcurrants, I would think you could substitute with blueberries or other similar berries. Given the season, it might not be easy to get fresh berries, so frozen berries work perfectly.

I ended up making double the size to fill a Bundt pan. (Otherwise, it is the recipe for two 22 cm round cake pans)


150 g butter or margarine

6 eggs
4 dl sugar

5 dl flour

4 dl fresh or frozen (cleaned) redcurrant or blackcurrants (or any other berries for that matter)


1 dl icing sugar

1 tbsp water

A desilitre of frozen redcurrants
A desilitre of frozen redcurrants

1) Melt the butter/margarine and let it cool.

2) Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celcius.

3) Mix together eggs, sugar, flour and the melted butter. Don’t use an electric mixer!

4) Put the mixture into a well-greased cakepan (whether it be a bundt pan or an ordinary one)

5) Add the berries. It is not necessary to thaw berries if they are frozen.

I added the redcurrants both to the top and bottom of the cake
I added the redcurrants both to the top and bottom of the cake

6) Bake the cake in the lower parts of the oven for 25-30 minutes, depending on how you want your cake.

7) Let the cake cool down before you take it out of the pan.

8) Mix the icing sugar and water to an icing and add to the top of the cake (after the cake has cooled down). Let the icing set before serving.

Cake, just out of the oven
Cake, just out of the oven

If you want to freeze the cake, omit the last step.
The cake, using redcurrants
We ended up using melted white chocolate as the icing on the cake, since it was a festive occasion.

Redcurrant cake with white chocolate icing
Redcurrant cake with white chocolate icing

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