Want: Japanese peace lily

I’ve been killing my plants lately. Or, at any rate, the roses I bought after I chucked out my cucumber and tomato plants this summer have started wilting like crazy. I figure it is just a matter of time.

Screen capture from the movie Hot Fuzz

So, for my next flower want – the Japanese Peace Lily from Hot Fuzz. I already have a pink peace lily which was a present a couple of years back, and honestly, the thing is nearly indestructible.

I forget to water it – doesn’t matter.

Winter in Norway – doesn’t matter.

Too warm – doesn’t matter.

The only thing that have affected it, on some scale, was direct sunlight.

Wednesday Want: The House from Home Alone

Home Alone has become a Christmas classic in my family. The house is one of those things that seemed really magical. Not just for its interior decorations (although in the newer pictures, it doesn’t look as all as magical) but for the outside as well.

The one thing I recently noticed that doesn’t really make sense to me is the additional staircase in the kitchen when the main staircase is within viewing distance inside the house, but apparently that’s not a real feature in the actual house.

Check it out on Hooked On Houses.

Small gingerbread houses

Ooooh, this is nifty. Head over to not martha and check out the tiny gingerbread houses that go on the rim of mugs.

Aren’t they adorable?

I’m having coworkers over for Christmas cheer this evening, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t have time to make this… I would definitely try my hand at them.


Want: Nancy Drew’s lunch

I’m not one of those very particular types – I’d be hopeless at cutting vegetables the same size, and neatly. Never mind the sandwich squares.

However, I find the notion of that particular attention of detail appealing. As is the case with the lunch Nancy Drew brings to school on her first day Nancy Drew

Screenshot from Nancy Drew

Want: Mary Poppins’ bag (not literally)

Screenshot from Mary Poppins

I don’t think the appearance of the bag itself is anything to write home about. However, I am still trying to fit everything into one of my bags and failing, so clearly Mary Poppins’ bag company should get to it and mass produce. I am sure some of you would want to bring everything and the kitchen sink with you as well, right?

(Of course, I also have a problem finding things again in my bags when I overload them, so it might be best to downsize instead of sizing up…?)

Want: Cottage from The Holiday

I know this isn’t a real cottage, sadly. It was constructed for The Holiday

Screenshot from The Holiday

And I know, that although it looks cozy on film – reality probably wouldn’t be as nice. (I already live with a cramped bathroom, and it’s not that great, to tell you the truth)

Still, for my dream world, it looks rather nice.

Want: Wooden statue from Salisbury Cathedral

This summer, we stopped by Salisbury Cathedral on our family vacation. My dad and I had read Sarum by Edward Rutherford, and this visit came after we’d been to Stonehenge.

The cathedral in itself is fantastic, but I kind of got caught up in this wooden sculpture by Ernst Blensdorf. It looks amazing. So soft and smooth.

Want: Twinings Lady Grey

Maybe there is something about being a librarian… Most of the places I’ve worked, where there have been a large librarian population – tea breaks have been the norm, not coffee breaks. When I was out on work placement in the UK, I noted that my supervisor and colleagues were adamant that I take my allotted two daily tea breaks. And it was almost as though the heavens would come down if I didn’t.

(This might have just been about being British, though… Anyone?)

Even now, we usually have our daily tea break in the afternoon.

One of my favorite teas is Twinings Lady Grey. The smell of it is simply fantastic – and it tastes quite good too. For someone with a sweet tooth, it is a good way to avoid sugar, as there is a slightly sweet taste to it.

Anyone else have teas to recommend? I figure we’re heading into the time of year when having hot beverages around is one of the things that makes it bearable.

Want: Temperance Brennan’s Jewelry

Screencap from Bones

While rewatching Bones, I was reminded of how much I love Temperance Brennan’s jewelry. Since I first watched it, I have noticed that parts of my own collection tend to go in a similar direction.

From the necklaces, which may be big and clunky or simpler silver, to an array of earrings – the jewelry gives a special touch. Her outfits are usually very classic lines and styles, so the more distinct jewelry gives it personality

The jewelry tend to have an ethnic slant, either tribal or celtic.

The big clunky necklaces don’t work on me, in my opinion, but I do love some dangly ear things.

Want: Library from Beauty and the Beast

It actually has its own Facebook group, and is an absolutely magical place. I might be prejudiced because a) I am a librarian, b) I love books and c) at some point soon, I have to take books out of my shelves, in order to add more books.

I could really do with a bigger personal library space. So, here is the library from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

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Want(ed): Sofa

 When my sister M and I first talked about moving in together, there was a lot of planning prior to the actual moving. A lot of the time was spent discussing how we were going to decorate the place.

One of the things we agreed on was that we wanted a comfortable sofa. I watched Death At A Funeral and fell in love with the style of the love seat in the movie.

I sent the screen cap to M, and commented that this was the kind of thing I liked.

M’s response: I’d really prefer if we could avoid the coffin. Oh, and I’m really not a fan of the pillows, featuring dogs.

When the time came, we test sat every couch at IKEA. And we ended with Ektorp, in stripy blue.  (When M moved out, I upgraded to the light brown in the picture, and M ended up with a dark blue sort. The stripes was a compromise.)

Honestly, it doesn’t look *that* different from the Death at a Funeral one, does it?