Beef bourguignon with roasted potatoes

20140103-234711.jpgPart of our New Year 2013 meal – a variant of beef bourguignon with roasted potatoes. We ended up with more mushrooms than in the recipe, due to a small miscommunication between the sister who bought the mushrooms and the sister who chopped them.  

We also added a bit of beef stock to the recipe to balance the red wine flavor out a bit.  

If I was making it again, I might consider adding a bit of sugar (to taste) to make it slightly less bitter. (It might have been our red wine, though.) 


New Year’s Eve Menu

Some people eat the same thing each New Year’s Eve. My parents, for example, have landed on the tradition of having tacos (every guest is responsible for one part), whereas others go for turkey or other Norwegian traditions that they didn’t eat on Christmas Eve.

My sister and I have celebrated New Year’s Eve the quiet way for a couple of years now. We watch movies and play board games – helped by the fact that the view from my flat is spectacular once the fireworks starts.

And, we put together a menu of food from various blogs and such that have caught our eyes in the previous year.

Last weekend’s menu:
Brie in puff pastry
Cajun chicken pasta
Mango sorbet and Molten lava cakes.

On its own, the mango sorbet was kind of dull, in a refreshing sorbet kind of way, but with the warm, gooey chocolate from the lava cakes, it was perfect.

New Year’s Resolutions 2011

I’m usually really bad at maintaining New Year’s resolutions. Or, actually getting to the point where I have them at all…

2011 was an interesting year for me. Lots of travel, I bought a car, and the sister moved out, leaving me to fend for myself in the flat.

In 2012 – I shall…

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My New Year’s Eve Menu

Never mind that I’m nearly three months late in posting this. I was hit with something just before Christmas, and was tapped for energy almost all through January.

On New Year’s Eve, though, I managed to find enough energy to be creative in the kitchen. Together with Sister S, we scouted cook book, blogs and recipes online to find the perfect meal. I’m glad to say we did.

We faffled back and forth on what we would make, but ended up with Sweet & Sour Chicken, with Jasmine rice and vegetables. The recipe we found at the Brown Eyed Baker’s.

We made our own adaption:

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