Picture of the month: December 2012

Last year’s Gingerbread house, seen from the top. Although the houses were successful from an aesthetic perspective, they were less good to eat a month after they were made, when they were as hard as Hagrid’s rock cakes. This year, we’ll use the pre-made versions and decorate them instead.

Picture of the month: November

I think I said it in October, but with the sunlight being absent for so much of the time now, I’m really grateful for views like this one. Picture taken in November last year.  

Picture of the month October

Even though the days are growing shorter – in October daylight will go from being on almost 12 hours here, to being on for 9 hours – it is good to remember that the sun does still rise and set. Even though we might be at work and won’t get to see it…

Picture of the month: September

  I can’t believe I’ve kept these orchids alive for a year now. Clearly, I should only have low-maintenance plants that don’t require me to remember to water them too frequently.   Only, I seem to drown my cactuses…

Picture of the month: June

Isn’t it delightful and knobby? I have no idea what it is – but the picture was taken last year in Kew Gardens. (Which means theoretically it can be anything botanical…)

Picture of the month: April

When I see a pond, I always look for waterlilies. My grandfather, who died before I was born, once said something about them, according to my mother – but I’ve forgotten what it was.