Europe’s grandparents : 100 things challenge #1

If you do any sort of genealogy on royal families in Europe today – the odds are fairly high that four names will show up over and over. In their time, and in history, they’ve received the title of “the grandmother of Europe2, “grandfather of Europe”, “Mother-in-law of Europe”… well, you get the gist. The… Continue reading Europe’s grandparents : 100 things challenge #1

Book review: Sophia of Hanover

Sophia of Hanover: From Winter Princess to Heiress of Great Britain, 1630-1714 by J.N. Duggan This is the story of Sophia, Electress of Hanover. Honestly, I have been rather curious about her for a while. Looking into genealogy and the line of the British succession, her name seems to crop up quite a bit.  Finding this… Continue reading Book review: Sophia of Hanover

Jelling stones defaced

In Jelling, a small town in Jutland, Denmark, two massive rune stones stand on top of a huge hill. The stones are grave stones, or memorial stones. One of the stones was put up by Gorm the Old, as a memorial for his wife, Thyra.  The other one was put up their son, Harald Bluetooth,… Continue reading Jelling stones defaced

The mistresses of Danish Kings – book review

The mistresses are the darker side of the royals – they weren’t perfect, the mistresses are proof that they did not stick to their marriage vows. And as the book by Henning Dehn-Nielsen shows, it also happened in the Danish royal history. Repeatedly.