Catholic private school for Prince Henrik of Denmark

Before Easter the Danish court sent out the following announcement:


Their Royal Highnesses Prince Joachim and Princess Marie’s son, His Highness Prince Henrik, starts school in August 2015 at Sct. Joseph Søstrenes Skole in Ordrup.
Published March 25, 2015


A Catholic private school for Prince Henrik. Honestly, I find it surprising, and yet, very true to expectations at the same time.

BT.  remarked that with this change the royal family is breaking yet another tradition when it comes to education, but one likely possibility it is a much shorter distance  by car (2.2 km) to that school from where they are living now, than to Krebs school (11 km) where Felix attends and Nikolai, Joachim and Crown Prince Frederik attended. It is also a much shorter distance to this school than to the one Prince Christian and Princess Isabella attends (5.6 km).

Of course, it is only 1 km to the local public school… so Joachim’s desire for exclusitivity and Marie’s Catholic background probably firmly joined together on the choice of school.

The surprising thing is that Ekstrabladet did not comment anything negative about the fact that it is a Catholic school, or anything negative about the choice at all, immediately at least..


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