January resolutions

January resolutions
Happy New Year, people!

I never keep the resolutions I intend for a whole year, so I thought I would try to have some resolutions each month this year, instead, and then hope at least some of them will become new habits. Or you know, a way to get it done.

In January, I will…

  • Read more paper-books and less e-books.
    • I made my goal over at GoodReads to read (at least) one more book in 2014 than I did in 2013… and I ended up at a lot more past that, thanks in part to e-books. . So new goal is one more than I read in 2014 for 2015. But I also figure that I need to get cracking on reading the physical books in my TBR pile…
  • Visit a couple of museums.
    • I was fairly good about doing this when I lived in Oslo for the first six months of 2014. Now it is time to start going back to it in my home region.
  • Print out myNanowrimo novel and start editing.
    • I actually finished in 2014. So, clearly, I need to go back to it and have a look at it.
  • Make the BBC GoodFood Calendar recipe for January.
    • I missed a couple of recipes this year, but overall, I made some tasty new dishes that I might not have made otherwise.
  • Invite friends for a tea party.
  • Walk to work at least once a week.

By Anne

Anne is a librarian by day. By night, she reads. She knits. She watches movies and television shows. She enjoys board games. And posting on royal related forums.

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