Poll: What do you think Madeleine and Chris’ daughter will be called?

Because polls are fun on a weekend…  I have a poll of guessing Princess Madeleine and Chris’ new daughter’s name. My guess is that the name will be revealed by the King after the council of State. Since that won’t be this weekend, I am letting the poll go to next week. (If Chris reveals it when he is meeting the press at 18.00 Swedish time tonight, I am still letting this run over the weekend as a what do you think the daughter’s name should have been…)

I have selected the options based on Swedish princess names, popular Swedish female names, popular American female names and one for laughs.

You can select up to four names.

I have also included a “Other.” If you select that, I hope you add your alternative to the commenting section.

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By Anne

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  1. I think Alice, from Madeleine’s grandmother.
    Philippa, Madeleine’s brother as godfather.
    Eva, Chris’ mother
    Renate, Madeleine’s mother.

  2. Interesting choice with Philippa, Martin. I love that name, and it works well in many languages.

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