A girl for Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill

The Swedish court announced this morning that Princess Madeleine gave birth to a girl overnight. The girl was born 20 February, 22.41, New York time.

Mother and child are doing well.

The presumed due date for the delivery was next week, so either the girl decided to arrive just a bit early, or they operated with a “royal due date”. Ie. announcing a due date that is later than the real due date to avoid too much attention around the hospital.

It was presumed in the Swedish press that the Queen and the rest of the family would travel over to be in New York when Madeleine gave birth, but they are still in Sweden.

The council of State that customarily comes straight after the birth is not scheduled for today or the weekend, the Swedish court announced. Similarly, the Te Deum mass that is also coming almost immediately after the birth, is scheduled for March 2.

Since the girl is in line to the Swedish throne  (for the moment, at least), there will be a 21 shots salute in Stockholm.

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