Can 2013 be over soon? Really?

So, back in January I posted about my health

I have serious doubt as to whether it really was Benign Positional Vertigo – because two weeks after that, when I was at the doctor, it was suddenly Sinusitis. So I got antibiotics for that.

While I did seem to get slightly better, I still had some recurring issues.

I went to the optician to check if it could be my glasses (nope)

I went to a physical therapist to work on my neck. Apparently a stiff neck can cause less blood to the brain, leading to dizziness. It helped some. I trundled along.

Most of the time this past year I have been okay. (Very important for me to note).

In the summer I got referred to a gynecologist to see if my PCOS was acting up. I got referred to a psychologist to see if there was anything psychological about the whole thing… We talked a bit, he gave me some coping techniques, and said that there was not much more to be done at that point as he didn’t think my headaches/dizziness were caused by anything psychological.

I had a mild case of it back in November, just before my period. Which, looking back over 2013 – a lot of my issues have tended to crop up just before my period is due – a PMS depression so to speak.

Only, this time the health issues continued after the period came along. And the headaches are accompanied by gastrointestinal issues (loss of appetite, small vomits, stomach ache a bit after eating) . But considering the timing of the gastrointestinal issues – it could well be the holiday season with the heavy food that started it.

The chief problem I have is that all my blood tests and other tests are fine always. So naturally, I feel like a hypochondriac when I head to the doctor.

The interesting thing (well, depressing is probably a better word than interesting…) is that I also had similar issues back in December 2009 though back then I blamed the swine influenza vaccine I had taken 8 days  earlier. (though four days before, I’d bragged about not having any after-effects of the vaccine.

“I haven’t had a fever, so I didn’t think that it was a flu… I just had no appetite, no energy, (the two kind of go together), wasn’t getting enough sleep (another one for the no energy thing), chest hurt, headache and so on.”

Though my post on my apathy from December 1, 2005 predates that vaccine. As does my posts on projectile vomiting gastrointestinal issues (and how my family is horrible and tempting me with roast beef sandwiches when I’m eating dry crackers and water) from December 2003. (And the gastrointestinal issues are probably what keeps coming back. *crossing fingers for that*) And in November 2008, I had a recurrent cold headache. In December 2008 I got knocked a bit sideways with some news, which I obsessed about to the point of feeling rotten.  In December 2010, my doctor thought that I might be having Tietze’s syndrome.

Last year I said I was getting a case of the November blah’s and I know I do tend to get a bit lethargic around this time of year.  And I know that I usually tend to get this in January, since Christmas is over, and January is dark and dank and…

But it may also very well be that I’m prone to living in my head and exaggeration because of that… and this time of year is excellent for being pensive and introspective.

Things I’m thinking
– it could be the PCOS hitting the ballpark on me.
– Stress issues – it’s not like 2013 has been a stress free year, work wise, or leisure time wise. Stress can promote a lot of odd body activities – brain is powerful like that.
– stomach issues could be IBS, which apparently isn’t uncommon in conjunction with PCOS.

By Anne

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