Commercial film for Haakon and Mette-Marit’s foundation

The Crown Princely Couple’s Foundation have created a commercial for their work. Haakon and Mette-Marit share a bit about what projects the foundation works with. The first video is a teaser for the longer film.

It’s a beautiful film, and it is good to hear how they’ve considered the options for where they want their foundation to go. A quick transcription and translation below.

Haakon: All youth have a huge potential. And some might need a different way in to release that potential. It’s about being taken seriously, and to have a structure and plan around that which works. And that’s what we try to achieve with the foundation and the organizations that we cooperate with are very good at that.

Mette-Marit: Being young. Well, it’s a difficult time for all – we both remember that from our own youth. And for us it has been important to focus on that youth should be seen, heard, and feel valuable.

Haakon: The projects we have chosen to work with are conscious at focusing on what the youths are good at. And I think that it means that the youth are seen in a new way, which is the road to success.

Mette-Marit: I think youth today have more options that we had when we were young. And the projects we’re involved work with helping the youth to find their dreams and guide them on the way there. And that’s one of the responsibilities I think we have as adults is to see the youths, and to help them on their way and navigate a bit in the great number of choices they face.

Haakon: And it is so much fun to work with, because there is so much energy there. It’s incredibly nice to go around to the projects and see the work they do. And not least, how the youths take care of the others who join the projects, how they take care of each other. And they also start to work with youth related work.

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