Google Reader, again.

So, I’m still partially using GoogleReader and hanging on as long as possible. Wired had a post up on Google’s reasoning behind it, and what they want us to use instead…

The answer is Google Now and Google+… but from what I read about those two – and know from experience with Google+, I am inclined to agree with Richard Dickson who posted the following in the comment section on the article.

“I don’t want to read what Google thinks I want to read. I want to read what I want to read. I used Google Reader as a way to check on all the sites I read without having to bookmark and visit every single one. I kept up with webcomics. And it did all that by me just clicking a button and subscribing, not by having to “teach” it and wading through recommendations I wasn’t really interested in.”

– Richard Dickson

The reason for why I don’t want to go Google+ or GoogleNow is the same reason for why I don’t follow the blogs/webcomics/whatnot on Facebook. Facebook as it is today (as opposed to when I started using it) only selects a small minutiae of what I want to read. That is both from friends I have added and from pages I have liked. They select what they think I want to read, instead of going by the logic that what I have added or liked *is* what I want to read. As a result, I am liking as few things as possible on Facebook, and adding them to an RSS reader instead – so that the things that are only on Facebook might be able to get through.

But I’m trying to get used to feedly. I really am.

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