Name dilemma? (100 things #11)

The Telegraph writes that Prince William and Kate Middleton in name dilemma.

Kate Middleton
1. Can the media stop calling her Kate Middleton, for crying out loud? I thought it was solely a PopSugar/American media thing, but now the Telegraph is doing it, too? For some reason, the article itself is referring to her by the right title, but the page title, and the category is still Kate Middleton.

We’re not still referring to the Duke of Edinburgh as Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, are we?

(I expect it is really the Librarian in me coming out with my annoyance for this… especially the category thing.)

How many names
2. Naming a child CAN be a daunting task, but I would think that selecting the number of names for a royal child would be the least daunting task. I mean, if they can’t decide between them on one name, they can just add it. If the child ends up with three, four, five, six names… well, at least they picked ones they liked.

Elisabeth Caroline-Mathilde Alexandrine Helena Olga Thyra Feodora Estrid Margarethe Désirée of Denmark will probably still be the living princess with the most names from a reigning country.

Kate and William’s child will probably have less than ten names. I would certainly hope so.

Guessing names
3. I’ve been hoping (in vain) that some of the Danish kids would have been named Thyra or Dagmar, because I find the whole point of royals to tie in with the history of the country. Sadly, I have yet to see this.

In this case, since theoretically the sproglet will inherit the throne at some point, I think a traditional first name is appropriate. (Although, Victoria was not a traditional royal name before her time.) Going for the “George, William, Alfred, Henry, Edward or Richard as a first name” might be appropriate if it is a male.

A female – I think Matilda would be very cool, historic as it is. I don’t think it is very likely. Elizabeth, Mary, Victoria or Anne are stronger possibilities. Personally I’m really hoping for a Queen Anne…

They might go less traditional for the other names, or involve the Middleton side. If they want to incorporate Carole but also the royal side – Queen Alexandra’s second name was Caroline.

The name-giving is one of my favourite bits about new royal babies.

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