Tomato soup

Here’s the thing. I’ve grown up on tomato soup. The tomato soup straight from a bag – add water and macaroni. And a hardboiled egg and some milk afterwards… (And it’s been delicious.)

Making soup for one… I may just as well make it from scratch, and freeze individual portions to reheat later as add water to a bag. It does take a bit more work from my side, but it is less calories, more vegetables and I can see what I put into my body.

Even though, this tomato soup is a bit of work, it is almost completely worth it – at least to make it once.

When I make it again, I might cheat and use at least one tin of canned tomatoes instead of the fresh, to ease the prep and cooking time.

The recipe can be found here at BBC Food. There is something odd about the start of the second step (and it is a very wordy recipe) but the end result is delicious. And it freezes beautifully.

Only don’t break the bay leaves up too much, as I did… it’s hell to fish them back out again.

By Anne

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