Video: King Olav’s funeral: 100 things challenge #4

Of all the strange things you can find on the internet, I hadn’t expected someone to upload up this. It is the funeral procession, and funeral of King Olav of Norway, who died in 1991.

I remember watching this. I was just shy of seven and half years old when he was buried. I had started school that August, and we’d got the day off school to watch it. Since I had got the day off school for this, my mother decreed that I should also be watching it on television, instead of playing with my sisters.

This is a pretty somber, and long video – and it was not made easier by the fact that I had next to little understanding of what was going on.

Looking back, this was my first major royal occasion, and I was bored out of my mind. Rewatching it now, I can identify the royals, and be fascinated by the procedural of it all. Especially because I know the first framework of the ceremonial royal rituals in place was created by Crown Princess Märtha, as she was planning the funeral after Queen Maud’s death in 1938.

By Anne

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  1. Hello!

    In 1991 I was a bit older than you and I remember hearing it over the news whilst I was on my honeymoon in France
    It was only a few months ago I found the videos on youtube… and I was quite impressed
    Since a younger age I had always strong a feeling for King Olav V (maybe I was looking for a father-figure? who knows) I still have a huge interest in everything concerning the late King
    I did not have the courage to ask this by means of TRF, but can you tell me anything more about some kind of scandal about relation between the late King and the Blesvik sisters? (I cames across an old press article on Side2)
    Many Thanks
    Teia Gulbrandsen

  2. I was part of the Guard of Honour at the funeral as at the time I was serving in the British Royal Navy. I remember the day very well as it was extremely cold and snow was falling as we stood for 5 hours waiting for the procession to pass.
    Have been intrested in finding any video footage from the day myself. I remember watching it in the evening on the day after we had stood down.

  3. Hi Ian,
    So great to hear from someone who was present. Good that you found the video!


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