100 things challenge #2: Mette-Marit and her studies

Today the Norwegian court revealed that Mette-Marit has handed her Master’s dissertation in.

Her previous career as a student has been tending towards the spotty – jumping around from course to course. After finishing high school, she started a course in Engineering at Agder University college. She sat for a couple of exams here, in chemistry and IT, among others. However, she moved to Oslo, and from 2000 to 2002 took enrolled in courses at the university there. She sat for exams in Philosophy of life and ethics and Applied ethics.

When the Crown Princely family moved to London, she studied various subjects within the field of Development at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London.

In 2008, she started on a part-time Master’s of Management at the Norwegian School of Management. It was controversial at the time, as her previous spotty educational record led some to believe that she had been admitted purely on the basis of who she was. The Master’s programme does not solely take grades into account, but it also factors in real-world experience.

After it was revealed in last year’s documentary that she had not handed in her master’s thesis in May as intended, she received additional critical feedback from a lot of news channels, and media. Her tutors said in the documentary that she was receiving top marks for her other projects, and the end result of her dropping out gave a less than stellar impression of her, as someone who does not finish what she starts.

Today the Norwegian court revealed that she handed in her dissertation on Monday, and is very happy and relieved to be done with it, according to the court’s spokesperson. She was not happy with her original dissertation on King Haakon, «servant leadership» and humanitarian organizations, and apparently has spent the past year writing a completely new dissertation with a new topic.

Handing in the master’s dissertation after spending so much time on it is a great feeling (I remember counting down the days until the deadline myself) – and I would think that it is a big relief to finally be done with it.

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