Kitchen II

I’m still working my way through Regina Leeds’ book, albeit slowly. Last week I started planning for the game night I’ve got going on, and the trivia weekend the weekend after that – so even though I looked through the chapter on the second part of the kitchen organization, I haven’t implemented much yet.

My kitchen is so small that I’m not sure two weeks is needed. However, I am getting some good tips from the chapter that I will implement.

One example is that things that I don’t use often can be delegated to the top of the refrigerator. I will try putting my cake tins there, as they’re very difficult to stack in the cupboard, and I could (probably) use the cupboard space for other things.

One benefit to this book now is that I’ve finally managed to collect the boxes I used for the Christmas cookies – and will now finally clean and stow them away. Things take time. (I just took down the Christmas lights outside yesterday – it was so nice to come home to lights outside when it was so dark…)

By Anne

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