Rewatching: Bones season 1

I have been on a bit of a kick where I watch television and knit at the same time lately. I caught Top Gear, Idol, Cake Boss and a bunch of other things before deciding that it was the perfect time to watch some of my television box sets again. I started with Bones.

Bones is the story of Temperance Brennan, forensic anthropologist and Seely Booth, FBI Agent. Admittedly, the latter is the reason for why I started watching it – I kept up with some of the Buffy/Angel alumni who seemed like they were on interesting shows. Bones was one of those shows.

I really love season 1. Usually, it takes a bit of time before a show hits its stride – takes a bit of time to set up the characters and flesh them out, and it might also be the case here on some level. But most of the time, it is pretty fluid in characterization. A friend of mine isn’t a huge fan of the show, because she finds Brennan to be annoying – so it takes all types.

Favourite quote and moment
When discovering that Brennan had a relationship with her advisor while at university, her current research student, Zack Addy, has a revelation: “Well, if she was his student and I’m her student…”

The first time I watched, in the first episode, I got about ten minutes in, and then I had to watch it all over again, just for the sheer fun of it. From Angela Montenegro flashing the airport information guy to get information on Brennan’s arriving flight, to Booth having Brennan detained for questioning to bring her into the case… brilliant stuff.

Favourite episode

This is tied between the Christmas episode, where they all end up quarantined in the lab, and the episode where human remains is found in a bear. Both of them have good interactions between the team, but the bear episode kind of tops it, with more wacky characters, Charlie the Overnight guy, and Toni delivery girl at the Jeffersonian.

There are so many great episodes in season 1, that the less good episodes tend to disappear from memory. It is when rewatching I rediscover episodes such as Two bodies in a lab, which kind of disappeared off the radar for me the first time I watched it.

Bones is probably not the show to catch over dinner, as the dead bodies department of the show seem to relish making things as gruesome as possible. But other than that, it is entertaining.

By Anne

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