Marie’s programme for September, 2010

I don’t know why, but I have a sudden urge to keep track of schedules. Possibly to use as material for online discussions, possibly to provide others with collated material to do so.

There is already the project of counting what the Heir Consorts do; now comes Marie’s schedule.


1: As someone who’s studied abroad, gave the welcome speech for the new international students at University of Southern Denmark, Odense.

4: Having picked up a new protectorate, the Wadden Sea Festival, it fell on her to open the 2010 version, at Rømø.

5: Together with Prince Joachim, she participated in the National flag day marking Denmark’s engagement abroad, Copenhagen.

6: As a protector of UNESCO Denmark, she went to the opening of the exhibition “Biodiversity is life – Biodiversity is our life” at the national museum of natural history, followed by a reception at the French embassy. (The French embassy probably gets more playtime now than they’ve done in a long time in Copenhagen)

9: Sometimes you’ve got to eat with the in-laws. Tonight, the cause was a WWF charity dinner at the Orangery at Fredensborg Palace.

12-19: Promoting Danish business abroad with hubby. Brazil this time around. One would think that trips to warm locations could be set to the wintertime in Denmark?

25: Time to hand out awards for the Danish skier of the year, and the Sport award of the year.

26: As the mother of the youngest in the family, at the moment, it was time to pay a visit to a babies and children trade fair on Funen. (Never mind that the roller ski championship that Frederik is attending might be more in line for the patron of the Danish Ski Association). Bringing Baby Henrik along made for more mother-son bonding in the car on the way back home.

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