Marie and UNESCO

Princess Marie will be opening UNESCO’s conference and exhibition “Pictures from the Future” at the National Museum tomorrow. According to Berlingske, this means that the Princess has decided to take an interest in UNESCO’s work in Denmark. 


At this time, the communication consultant at the royal court, Lene Balleby, states that: “Princess Marie has shown an interest in UNESCO’s focus areas and the engagement that the organization has shown. Later, it will be clarified, more prescisely, which tasks the princess will be engaged in.”


Whether or not this means that it will be her first official protection or not, is a bit unclear from the above. I suppose time will tell. 


The exhibition Marie will be opening is a part of UNESCO’s Associated Schools programme


Oh, and she will allegedly be giving her first full speech in Danish.


  1. I thought Princess Marie did an admirable job with her
    first speech in Danish.

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