Marie’s Danish

In this video posted by Her & NU, from Joachim, Marie, Nikolai and Felix’ winter holiday in Switzerland, we can hear Marie speaking quite a lot of Danish. It is evident that she is still learning the language, as she sometimes looks to Joachim for explanation to certain questions the journalists are asking, or how to phrase certain replies, and she also speaks English and French in the video. However, the chief parts of the Danish pronunciation seems to be in place. It does not sound overly French-Danish.  Furthermore, she seems to answer the questions in the language she gets them, if she can. 


For someone who’s been learning the language for a year, I would say, it is a fairly good effort so far.


For those curious about the pregnancy, they said that it is going well, but that she’s having back-pains and therefore some trouble sleeping. (After which Nikolai was ready with questions about pregnancy- which were probably more detailed than his father was ready to answer in front of journalists, as he was stopped rather quickly 😉 )

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