Creamy porridge with apple, raisins and orange juice compote

DSC_0172A new year, new food promises. This porridge from BBC Good Food is incredibly creamy – it actually feels a bit like rice porridge, but it is oats- and the compote on top brings it all together.

The recipe gives two servings, and two big servings at that. From experience: I put one in the fridge, and plan to have it for breakfast tomorrow. That works perfectly – and it still will taste good.

I ended up fresh pressing oranges for the juice. If I’m going to start eating fresh, I wanted to avoid the preservatives in the store-bought orange juice. It takes about two oranges to get to the 150 ml juice needed in the recipe.

If you want to fancy it up even more, adding cinnamon would be a nice touch.

Norwegian cooking: Pearl Porridge

Growing up, I always loved going to my grandmother’s to eat. Not just the Sunday steak, where dinner was followed by dessert, which in turn was followed by coffee and cakes, but also for some of the more everyday meals. One of those meals was sago porridge, or pearl porridge as we used to call it.

According to Wikipedia, an ever reliable source, I know, the sago is “a starch extracted from the pith of sago palm stems, Metroxylon sagu.” It is a small, round grain, looking like a pearl, that apparently can be substituted for tapioca pearls.

This weekend, my sister and I decided to see if the porridge was as tasty as what we could remember from what we were younger, or if we just were idolizing the memories.
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