Andorra was really nothing more than mountains, banks and petrol stations. We tried being tourists, but apart from official buildings and a playground (with age limits so we couldn’t play) there wasn’t that much to see on a Saturday afternoon.

Getting out of the country proved to be difficult. Not because of the customs people, but because of an impossible fog that led to a temperature drop to five degrees. Getting down a mountainside road in a car in the fog is rather difficult.

Good for me

Today is June 19.

In Barcelona while writing this. The weather was gorgeous yesterday – warm, but just windy enough that I didn’t feel like I was sweating into a tiny puddle outside Sagrada Familia.

The hotel was good. It’s in a rather quiet neighbourhood, but close to the Metro, so not far away from anything. I bought a ten trip ticket on the transportation system – so I wouldn’t have to hassle with coins everywhere.

I think I’ve had the best sleep in a while. I fell asleep around 22.30 last night, after a siesta in the day after arrival. At home I would just have checked websites over and over to see if there was anything new. But here – no internet connection. (My hotel has wireless, but I can’t be bothered asking for the pw.)

I’m writing this on my iPhone, and it will either be posted when I find an internet connection, or when I come home.

Now, I’m about to check out and go meet my travel mates at the airport. I am, of course, taking the Metro, and then the train (as the metro does not go to the airport yet)

Loathe radio

I’ve spent some time focusing on making a road trip playlist. The reason for this is that I listen to music, but I really don’t like listening to the radio.

I get the feeling that even the radio channels that advertise that they have just music, have just as much time with jingles saying they’ve only got music as the general radio host has actually introducing the songs.

I’m not crazy about the radio hosts either.

Things might be different if it comes in Spanish, Italian or French, I suppose. Out of the three, I only have a passing knowledge of French.

Strange taste in music

I don’t know why, but while putting together a soundtrack for my upcoming summer vacation… it ends up being impossibly long. And even then, I’ve excluded a lot of the songs I might have included if I was driving on my own.

It’s a weird and eclectic mix that will take us over the two weeks of driving. There are classical road songs, such as “On The Road Again”, but also Tori Amos, The Clash, Ride of the Valkyries… and the Muppet Show.

I’m either going to be loved or hated by the end of the two weeks.