Mette-Marit on sick leave.

Mette-Marit’s neck disc prolapse has returned and she is currently on sick leave for two weeks.

She will do some engagements, according to the Palace spokesperson – but anything involving travel is out.

The official trip to Finland will be done by Haakon solo. Next week’s literary train ride to Northern Norway that was on her schedule is also cancelled.

The slipped disc is a recurring problem for the Crown Princess. It first came to light after an official engagement at a local school’s ski and sledding day in 2010, but the worn discs in her neck first Ā became known after her fall in Hungary in 2008.

Then, the medical leave was 50%, but still resulted in Crown Prince Haakon traveling to the Olympics without her company.

The court said that they can’t discount that the leave might be extended after the two weeks are up.

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