HCP: September 2010

September is here, and with it, comes a new version of the Heir Consort Work Project. This month has revealed the difficulty in tracking the schedules. An event, which for some was considered official enough to put it on the schedule, was not for others. I am, of course, talking about the Greek wedding. To… Continue reading HCP: September 2010

HCP: August 2010

It’s August, time for new beginnings and a new round of ”Who’s done how much, lately”. I’ve been tallying up the scheduled appearances of the Heir Consorts of Europe for July – I’m keeping track in a Google Calendar, if you’re interested to see the details – and here are the results of the televote…… Continue reading HCP: August 2010

Heir Consort Project

Earlier, I had a project I called The Crown Princess Work Project, wherein I tallied the activities of the Crown Princesses of Europe. The project came about after much discussion in various forums about the level of activity on the Crown Princesses. But with the addition of a male to the group who’re married to… Continue reading Heir Consort Project