It’s my birthday today. I’m turning 33. Only 33 more years until I am 66.

Once I got past the big round 3-0 – I kind of have to remind myself how old I am by subtracting the year I was born from the year I am in – and then figuring out if I am before or after August.

Age, which was so important for a while, is becoming more of a fluid concept. At least as long as I am the second youngest person (still) at work. (Only by 20-something days, but… )

I’ve already had a co-worker tell me, “you’ll understand it when you get older.”

Probably not. But today is my birthday, and I am on holiday, and I will sleep in and try to figure out how to get all my stuff to fit into my new apartment, and possibly head to IKEA to make myself crazy.

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