Advent calendar: Fighting chance

I read this yesterday. A fighting chance by Elizabeth Warren. It is her memoir.

I am recommending it because I found it an interesting read, albeit not a very objective one (since it is a memoir.) I particularly liked when she pointed out the difference in growing up in the US when college cost the student $50 a semester vs. now. How she countered expectations of being just a wife and a mother. How she got her education and the difficulties for academic spouses when two jobs don’t open up in the same town at the same time.

Her political career is a minor part of the book – the ending of it, in fact.

Incidentally, I had just finished reading it, when a friend of mine in Massachusetts posted a picture of her quilted bedspread on Instagram. The motif? Logos of the campaigns she has worked on, or followed. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign was smack in the middle.

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