Goals for March

My goal for March is pretty basic. Take my time and get better from this burnout, and figure out steps to prevent it from being a recurring thing.

I am now over two weeks into the sick leave. The fogginess in my head partially lifted this week. I have energy for longer stretches of time now – but still require some catch-up rest after doing activities. (And by activities, I mean doing the dishes, making a meal, walking around the block, visiting my grandmother in the nursing home, visiting with friends or the physical therapist.) Unlike the first week, where I would lie in bed all the time or on the couch, I have been slightly more active this week.

I am due to see my doctor again next week, and evaluate from there. I think that I have improved a lot during these two and a half weeks, but at the same time, I also know that I am quite far off from being where I really should be and where I started out, so it will be interesting to see how I am at the day of the doctor’s appointment.

My doctor originally wanted to give me sick leave for five weeks, but we started with three weeks. I think some longer time would be good, given where I am at this moment.

But as we are beginning to think that the theory is that I actually experienced my first “burn-out” over two years ago (with an unknown time leading up to that), it will likely also take time to get to point normal again.

Of course, the fact that this post is a week after I initially expected to publish it, kind of is very on-the-nose with how I am feeling at the moment. Everything takes more time to do than I think it will.

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