Royal engagement in Sweden

Today Prince Carl Philip announced that he would marry his long time girlfriend, Sofia Hellqvist in a press conference. The Marshall of the Realm sent out the communique that the King has given his consent to the marriage, and the approval of the cabinet of state has also been given.

A generation of Bernadotte princes who had to renounce their right to the throne in order to marry perfectly respectable women who never took off their clothes down to a skimpy bikini in magazines, posed with snakes… or participated in a reality show where the purpose seems to share a bedroom with someone of the opposite sex and stay the longest in the hotel (an admirable purpose for a show?), must be rolling in their graves.

And especially Count Sigvard Bernadotte who went to the European Court of Human Rights to get his title back, but died before his case came up.

I’m sure Sofia is a nice, regular person. But personally I haven’t been getting good vibes from her constant posing for the camera on all the royal events she has been invited to so far. It makes me feel that she is out for the fame of it all, and not that remote from the days of her posing in Slitz magazine. That, combined with the rewriting of the history of Project Playground she allegedly founded with a friend, as in the early days of the charity, it was said that the friend was the sole founder… Yeah…

The wedding will take place in Summer 2015. It will be interesting to follow the Swedish media until then. So far, they have been overwhelmingly gushing about Sofia. I’m really just waiting for the real stories to come out from them – even a bit of journalistic neutrality maybe?

By Anne

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