Prince Nikolai starting boarding school

As news came from Norway today that the children of Haakon and Mette-Marit are switching schools, so come the news from Denmark.

Prince Nikolai – the oldest son of Prince Joachim and Countess Alexandra – is finishing 9th grade this year at Krebs school. Krebs is the school his father and uncle attended, and his little brother also attends it. (Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary chose a public school for their children).

The news is that he is moving to the school Herlufsholm, where he will be a boarder. He will start 10th grade there.

He could have gone straight from 9th grade on to high school, but apparently there have been a consideration that he wants to take that extra 10th grade which is meant as a preparatory year for upper secondary education. Herlufsholm states that the intent of the year is to prepare students who feel that they might not be mature or ready academically for high school.

Prince Nikolai started school in Møgeltønder at five, and had to relocate to Copenhagen after a couple of weeks, when his parents separation became public. He then started at Krebs school.

He was one of the youngest in his class then, and that might be the reason for why he is choosing to take an extra year before continuing on. To let the others of his age group catch up, and be the same age as the ones he will be starting high school with.


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