Royal Food: Documentary – 1/3 (2014)

DR has made a documentary in three parts with Prince Henrik cooking in the kitchen. The three episodes are reputed to take place in three different palaces. The first one is Fredensborg.

“What does the regent couple eat for dinner? Get the answer and all the recipes when HRH the Prince Consort exclusively invite into the palace kitchen where he and the chef Jesper Vollmer plan and make the regent couple’s dinner.”.
Part one:!/

Available online until June 26.

Favorite part: When Prince Henrik gives the chef mushrooms he has picked, tells him how to prepare them, and then tells him: “If I die, it is my own fault.”

The chef refers to him in third person as “The Frenchman”.

Henrik’s poor Danish accent is kind of cringe-worthy compared to the chef’s Danish, but he is sounding really into what he is talking about, and he has a great vocabulary.

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